07/01/2019 Waterina Manager


Recently on December 16th, the developer of Maeda-Thien Duc organized a “Christmas with Waterina Suites” event to send deep gratitude to customers. In particular, the developer organized a tour of the actual apartment at the project itself during this event. This helps customers understand and feel better about the Japanese standard quality of the project.

According to the developer, this helps customers to verify the quality of the apartment after handing over and trusting the professionalism of Maeda Thien Duc company.

At the event, most customers were very surprised and excited to attend the actual living space experience at the construction site. Mrs. N. (Binh Thanh District), a customer attending the tour said: “I used to visit the actual apartment of other projects in Ho Chi Minh City, but I have more excited at Waterina Suites. The project here is different when it is built entirely in concrete, including partition walls in the apartment. The developer explained that this is a measure to reduce noise while increasing heat resistance in the fire protection of the apartment. The windows facing the balcony are made entirely of glass with Japanese technology, ensuring the brightness of the apartment, while helping to save energy, without consuming much electricity running in the air conditioner.”

Mr. T. (District 3), who is passionate about architecture, said: “I am a person who loves architecture works. One of my favorite architects is Mr. Kengo Kuma, a famous Japanese architect. He has a very special design style, bringing nature to blend into his works. When I learned about the Waterina Suites project undertaken by him and his colleagues, I was very enthusiastic to visit the site. Today, although I still have not seen completely the appearance of the project, I can also feel that this will be a typical and unique project of Ho Chi Minh City’s architecture in the coming time. With the curving design style, the apartments here have a long balcony, making the view from the project more open, and this will definitely bring a great life experience to the customers of the project. ”

In particular, all visitors to the project are very interested in learning about the facilities at Waterina Suites project. Specifically, the project has full facilities for a comfortable and classy life such as infinity pool, gym, spa, convenience store.

Signature waving balcony at Waterina Suites

After the tour, all participants felt satisfied with Waterina Suites, and some customers made a deposit to buy apartments right on the event day. One customer shared: “Before visiting the project, my family and I were hesitant to decide to buy Waterina Suites apartment. Compared to district 2, Waterina Suites project has a relatively high price that not everyone can own. But we agreed to visit the project after finding out and knowing the owner of Maeda is a big and very prestigious Japanese company. After visiting the real apartment, plus the experience of viewing the view from the apartment, as well as watching the fact that the apartment is in the finishing stage, I am very assured of the Japanese quality of the project. I understand that the price of the project is reasonable. This is a great project for real owners only. I believe this is a perfectly reasonable investment and the value of the project will increase in the future. So, I decided to order now so I can get promotions only in the event.”

In order to create conditions for customers who are interested in the project, the developer Waterina Suites will hold an event to visit the actual apartment on site on 12.1.2019. In this event, in addition to attractive offers such as discounts up to VND 400 million, giving 3 taels of SJC gold and will be deducted directly from the apartment price, the developer Maeda Thien Duc will also have more special promotion programs only in the event day. For Interested customers, please contact to register via hotline 0981 36 2727 or see the specific information on the official website of the developer www.waterinasuites.vn or visit the Waterina Suites model house at address 57 – TML, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

Waterina Suites is a luxury apartment project in District 2 of Thien Duc Maeda Company, a joint venture between Maeda Group – Japan and Thien Duc Company, a member of Long Thanh Golf Corporation. Overall the project only has 98 high-end apartments including single-story apartments, condominium apartments, and penthouses. The current project has been completed with raw material and ready to hand over to customers in the third quarter of 2019.

– Thanh Nien Newspaper – Jan/2019 –

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