09/10/2018 Waterina Manager


WATERINA SUITES is opening sales for the two typical apartments of the project, which are apartments Sapphire Suites (C4) and Aura Sapphire Suites (C3). They have received the attention of many customers. Specially, the corner apartment C3 is the only apartment with 3 airy areas to maximize existing natural sunlight, providing excellent views to the surrounding landscape.

With the concern that all families living in Waterina Suites are happy and comfortable, C3 apartments have been carefully studied by the investor according to the actual needs of customers. Therefore, the investor has introduced new selections for the C3 apartments, with 3 bedrooms, including standard layout and upgrade layout.

Especially, with the upgrade layout of C3 apartment, customers can have the option to use Smart-Bed. This new trend of smart furniture will transform the space more flexibly, and make your home more special and stylish.

C3 – Aura Sapphire Suites has a total of 24 units, ranging from 158 m2 to 160 m2, and is located in beautiful corners from the 5th to the 16th floor.

With upcoming events being held at the Sales Gallery, the investor will provide the most up-to-date information on the C3 apartment, as well as general information on the project.

– October / 2018 –

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