10/04/2018 Waterina Manager


The highlight of the project is the smoke detector system installed in all bedrooms and living rooms.

With the rapid economic and urban development in Vietnam, living in condominiums has become popular to most people in big cities. Along with the development of high-rise apartment buildings, the fire prevention is also urgent in the current situation. With the standard and quality of Japan, the Waterina Suites high class apartments have special fire protection elements.

Firstly, let’s talk about the design of the building. Waterina Suites are designed with all floors having wavy balconies. Apart from getting wind and natural sunlight, these balconies also work to prevent fire and smoke spread from lower floor to upper floor. The outcome of smoke will follow to the balcony and go outside.

Secondly, it is the interior design of the building. Unlike most apartments in Vietnam, the walls are made of concrete panels with higher quality of soundproof and fire resistance than the walls built with brick. In fire, the smoke is poisonous fumes. At Waterina Suites, the doors and windows of the apartments are airtight seal.  They are not only increase the sound insulation, but also can prevent toxic gas from entering.

In addition to the unique advantages mentioned above, the Waterina Suites project also has fire protection systems superior to other places. Along fire alarms system on each floor, each apartment has heat sensor and sprinkler, together with smoke sensors in every bedroom and living room. When a fire occurs, the system automatically informs the control center and the fire alarm will alert the residents. Fireproof door in the corridor will also be automatically closed at the floor having fire, to prevent fire spread to other floors. And residents can easily get out of the building via two emergency exits located in the center of the building. The project developer – Maeda-Thien Duc Limited Company – commit to meet all fire prevention regulation, coordinating with government authority to periodically inspect firefighting system and having training about firefighting knowledge to all residents.

In addition to the advantages of the above fire protection system, Waterina Suites also applies high-end technology such as three-layer security system, apartment-smartphone control system; as well as luxury amenities such as restaurant, spa and shops, gym, coffee shop, 2 floor parking, Sky Diamond with infinity pool, sky bar, library and international clinic (scheduled). The special feature of this project is that 100% of apartments have a view of the Saigon River. This is an impressive, elegant and charming design by world-class architect Kengo Kuma and associates.

Waterina Suites consists of a 25 storey tower with 5 convenient floors and only 98 luxury apartments, including penthouse, duplex and single apartment. The project is currently being built to the 8/25 floor, expected to be handed over to customers in the third quarter of 2019.

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