25/10/2017 Waterina

The attraction from two big investors from Japan and Vietnam

Project Waterina Suites of investor GermanMaeda is the project attracted strong investor by the impressive design, tranquil living space and amenities.
Waterina Suites with wavy design highlights is inspired by the soft curve of nature. Innovation, talent of the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, he creates the soft body of the Waterina Suites.

And future employer will really feel stressed the living space on the flow of energy in your home. Can say apartment Waterina suites full convergence of factors created a really special home for owners are longing to own an apartment worthy values.
High floor, 25 Suites, waterina 86 apartments with spacious living space from 87-500 m 2, is actually the product not only external beauty but also the quality level from inside. More emphasis is the entire apartment owned a painting of the Saigon River with unlimited visibility.

Architect Kengo Kuma is one of the designers of the famous Japanese architect with more than 70 different buildings around the world. The majority of projects have a special design style associated with the natural environment, such as: 2020 Olympic Stadium in Tokyo Harbour in Sydney, Australia, the Museum of Folk Art in Hangzhou, China The station of Saint-Denis, Paris, France, performing arts center, Toyama, Museum Artists Bato-machi Murano Award …
The international standard of quality Waterina Suites created from sustainable credibility of Maeda Corporation1 Japanese corporation specializing in the construction of residential, industrial and public infrastructure. Until the year 2019, Maeda Corporation will officially 100-year round, marked for a long successful and sustainable operations with core development principles of “IntegrityReadytechnology”.
Maeda Corporation is the name associated with the famous works of Fukuokabaseball stadium are unique to the mobile Dome, Kap shui mun in Hong Kong (completed in 1997), Hong kong International Airport (completed in 1998).
Maeda Hong Kong Branch has received the certificate of ISO 9002 quality system in 1995, received the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001 and auq3n system certification ISO 14001 in 1998. Maeda Corporation has built a series of industrial projects and public infrastructure in Vietnam like Damin hydropower project (1997), passenger station, Tan Son Nhat International Airport (2004), currently is the No. 1 Metro subway lines in the city Ho Chi Minh.
Celestial company in Germany, a subsidiary of Long Thanh Golf Corporation, is one of the largest private enterprises in the field of entertainment services business golf, the hotel restaurant, resort property. Established in 1978, undergone many ups and downs, Long Thanh Golf Company was really rise to a higher level in the economy of Vietnam, continually successful in the entertainment industry golf not only in Vietnam but also developed in Vieng Chang , Laos.
The golf of Long Thanh golf Corporation has always been the golfers rated as quality golf best served in Vietnam. In addition, the Corporation Gold Long Into developing and also manage the hotel and health resort at Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa, Vung Tau and da LAT …
The combination of Maeda Corporation and the Genius company Germany in class project Waterina Suites (Thanh my Loi Ward, District 2) is the combination of a party is the quality of sustainable building, and one side is always guaranteed quality of service and advanced.
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