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Japan to increase investment in the apartment project in Vietnam

Maeda Corporation (Japan) teamed with the celestial company in Germany has just introduced to the market luxury apartment project in District 2, HO CHI MINH CITY Suites Waterina with sale price of about 3,100 USD/m2.
More optimistic market
HO CHI MINH CITY area are still leading position when the price range of the property types are increased dramatically in the last time. According to CBRE, District 2 still featured role, accounting for 36% of the new supply of selling, while the selling rate was achieved 75%, 7% higher than average three years ago (68%).
People buy to stay and still investors are expected to continue in this area, especially when a series of infrastructure projects implemented and will perform as planned: motorways, bridges replaced ferries Cat Drive Mai Chi Tho connections, and Thanh my Loi area, Dong van lines Drain container vehicles will no longer line the belt 2 completed. HO CHI MINH CITY has just approved additional capital to complete the Metro project No. 1 is also a positive information.
As predicted, the District 2 is still the potential area for development, especially in the area of Thanh my LOI and Thiem because many land fund and its potential. CBRE representative said: the support of the infrastructure and the participation of foreign investors as well as the largest investor in the country‘s two main motivations create suction power for this market.”
Can see more and more big investors are heading to the area. Typical project Waterina Suites introduced medium scale 25 floors, the apartment has an area of 86 from 87-500 m 2, price of about 3,100 USD/m2. This is the first real estate project in Vietnam of Maeda Corporation (Japan) teamed with the celestial company in Germany, Member of the Long Thanh Golf Company.

The whole apartment Waterina Suites are possessing the vision towards the Saigon River and Green Park

To date
, the majority of luxury segment in the hands of a foreign owner with familiar names such as: Captitaland, Kusto, Keppel Land, or have added Fraser. However, special names are a complete name, Maeda‘s new in the field of real estate development but familiar on the construction sector.
The Japanese investment increase
Maeda Corporation has long been present in the market of Vietnam with infrastructure projects, such as the construction of hydroelectric projects Damin (1997), passenger station, Tan Son Nhat International Airport (2004) and currently works in the Metro subway line no. 1 in HO CHI MINH CITY. Founded in 1919 and is one of the 5 leading construction Corporation Japan, Maeda is associated with many big projects in the world such as the baseball stadium has a dome at Fukuoka International Airport, Hongkong.
The fact not only Maeda, Japanese investors are stamped in the wave of real estate investment. Including the handshake affair of the Japanese as Kajima and Indochina Capital; Mitsubishi along Bitexco; the Daiwa HouseNomuraSumitomo Phu My hung the same connection; Tokyu in partnership with F.c., or Creed Group funding in Seven, security; Hankyu Realty and Nishi Nippon Railroad men Long; Lemon Grass Master Fund together Sonkim Land.
Waterina Suites have comparable quality apartment in Tokyo
Japan which is famous with the discipline and high standards, so the project has involved the Japanese often insist on criteria of quality, convenience and comfort. In the local market, Maeda was experienced mainly with the works of the condominium. This is also the reason why Maeda participated as an investor of the project. If Maeda merely participating in a project that develops as the construction contractor Maeda 1 will have to follow the policy required by the owner,” Dr. Tetsuo Kida, General Director of the German Genius Maeda said.
Taking advantage of the building contractor, Maeda said Waterina Suites is the first project in Vietnam to use wall system covers and side walls in reinforced concrete (with heat-resistant levels of up to 1,000 degrees C) brings the possibility of waterproofing sound insulation and fire containment, the better. This project also emphasizes the factors related to the quality that many apartment projects encountered such as drainage, ventilation, waterproofing for the roof deck, outdoor paint. Of course, the cost outlay is double than the normal build.
A fascinating way of Maeda clients anymore is focused on design. Kengo Kuma, the famous architect owns the list of more than 70 different structures throughout the world, including Harbour in Sydney (Australia), the Museum of Folk Art in Hangzhou (China), the station SaintDenis Paris (France), the Tokyo Olympic Stadium (in 2020) … duty designed Suites with views Waterina “integrate”, delete argue the boundary between buildings and natural environment.
The 25-storey high but only limited apartment, 86 Waterina Suites prioritize care on quality instead of quantity. Waterina Suites have wavy design inspired by the fluid of the Saigon river water wave combines the same ingenious architecture full of symbols of the rice terraced mountains of the North. The apartments have an area of from 50500 m 2 , each possessing the vision towards the Saigon River and green parks. Pine floor level up to 3, 2 m to 6 m and single apartments with pine floor apartment, spacious feeling of assurance and maximum ventilation.
Waterina Suites system add-ons area, surgery very piecemeal, including from the essential utilities such as schools, clinics, commercial centre, private car parking, to the utility of enjoyment as the pool overflows the banks pool, spa, children’s play area, BBQ area, meeting room

Apartment in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM will have quality equivalent to an apartment in Tokyo, including world class design and structure of Japan , Dr. Tetsuo Kida, General Director of the German Genius Maeda said about the responsibility of designers Kengo and the role of familiar building contractors Maeda.
The project will be open to sell Suites Waterina officially at the end of July with the average price of about 3,100 USD/m2. The apartments are expected to be delivered to the customers buy in you 2/2019, true to the 100-year anniversary of Maeda Corporation.
According to GENERAL DIRECTOR of the German Genius Tetsuo Maeda Kida (25 years of experience with Myanmar, India, Thailand and Cambodia, Vietnam), Vietnam has many similarities with the real estate market in Japan and Thailand. The Japanese started the movement resided in the apartment after the Olympic Games in Tokyo first. The Thai market also takes some time switch similar to Vietnam. When the infrastructure was complete, consumers will start to require higher quality. Vietnam market will also grow as such for the next stage, “CEO Tetsuo Kida on the potential apartment market in Vietnam.

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